Monday, September 25, 2006

Topalov Distracted by Water

I think I read somewhere that Kramnik will win this reunification match against Topalov because the Russian has more experienced in matches. Well, after going up 2-0 it looks like the Vladimir Kramnik is well on his victory.

In the first game, Bulgarian Veselin Topalov blundered and lost. Overnight, in the second encounter, Chessbase reports that Kramnik blundered but was left unpunished by Topalov. Could something be Topalov's mind? Distracted?

According to this report the world number one may have been distracted by a water leak!

This morning, I noticed that GM Ian Rogers is reporting on the match. It would be quite odd if both he and regular SMH chess columnist Peter Parr covered the same event. Let's see what happens.

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