Saturday, September 30, 2006

Queensland Teams Planned

There are plans in Australian state of Queensland to conduct a teams event, the local CAQ newsletter reports. The objectives are quite ambitious but, the proper motivation and will-power, definitely attainable.

1.To give Queensland chess a professionally organised teams event similar to those of other sporting bodies.
2.To retain teenagers in the game during and after high school.
3.To give all a professional team structure with a yearly chess season.

You can read all this in the CAQ's October newsletter.

In other Queensland news, Howard Duggan last week resigned from his position as boss of the CAQ. Todate, we have no idea of his reasons for doing so but did come as a surprise. We invite insiders of Queensland politics to shed some light on this.

We head on over across the continent to Western Australia and pick up that state's very excellent and well-assembled monthly newsletter. There are games from the recent state chess championships as well as a sad bit news regarding a local player's passing.

Finally, Dion Sampson has released a follow up podcast to his excellent first effort. If you can manage to find it, the second MP3 file can be download from this page. It's a bit of a hassle but for now, we're stuck with this. I could load that second file to my TCG Odeo stream but, so far, Dion hasn't provided his sign off on that. Here's hoping that our friend can soon find a better podcast host.


DeNovoMeme said...

This is great, "To retain teenagers in the game during and after high school."

For years I have been proposing easy ways to do this in NSW. Eg a free entry for uni/TAFE students. But no, the NSWCA council are controlled by short sighted whimps. Let's kick them out at the AGM.

Anonymous said...

I cant see where you can download from Dions link,all I see is ads.

What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

I think you have to allow pop ups to see the link to download. I couldnt see it at first but when I allowed pop ups then I could see the link.

Belthasar,I would guess your upcoming interview will be with either Matt or Alex...either one could prove interesting. lol