Friday, September 08, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Confusion in RP Chess

A few moments ago, a tip reached my inbox to say that 8 board members of the NCFP secretly met last night in a hotel in Quezon City to discuss the idea of an 8-man round robin tournament to select the two men and one woman who will represent the Phillipines at the Asian Games in Doha later this year.

This is confusing because, as I write these words, the 11th round of the qualifications tournament, in Swiss format, is being contested in the Mall of Asia shopping centre. The purpose of this tournament was exactly to select RP's representives in Doha!

Also present in that meeting were grandmasters Torre and Antonio. GM Mark Paragua was represented by his father, Ric.

The proposal to hold the RR event was put forward to the grandmasters. However, sanity prevailed. The GMs apparently just thanked the board members and said that they will abide by the results of the ongoing tournament.

So much drama. So Pinoy!

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