Friday, September 08, 2006

Doha Elims - One More Round

Today's 11th round will commence at 1PM local time. After 10 rounds, here are the standings and some results. Thanks Iggy Dee, as always.

Bitoon-Dimakiling, 0-1
Laylo- Villanueva, 1-0

8-1/2: O. Dimakiling, D. Laylo
8: R. Nolte
7-1/2: Y. Ranola, R. Dableo, R. Bitoon, R. Legaspi, N. Mariano, A.
Branzuela, H. Pascua, A.Cabe

Final round pairings:

Dimakiling picks up two points by beating IM Barlo Nadera and Bitoon Thursday to tie for the lead. Laylo drew with Mariano and beat Villanueva to tie for the lead. Dimakiling and Laylo need draws to qualify for the Asian Games.

Leading women
6-1/2: E.Magno
6: C. Mariano, B. Mendoza, J.Docena, Kimberly Cunanan
5-/2: A. Salvador
Magno got two points from two defaults. Mariano beat Leoncio Mauleon, Mendoza defeated 12 year old Franz Grafil, who at 6 points is having a good show. Cunanan came from the bottom.

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