Monday, September 25, 2006

Pronouncing "Caoili"

We have a special request from an avid reader. How do you pronounce Arianne's surname? TCG teaches you folks the only way he knows how. Click on the 'play' button below.

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Remember it's like Kah-We-Lee.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I like your style TGM. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Amiel. Bonus points for speed in getting it done! The channel Seven voiceover guy was running with the 'co-willy' (as in 'Free Willy', rather than the Road Runner's nemesis), which isn't in fact too far from the mark it seems. Perhaps someone can do a count of the number of mispronunciations on the show? I imagine she will be referred to as 'Arianne' without a surname not too long into the show.
P.S. I'm only an avid reader when I'm bored or have uni assignments to do ... though its generally a once-per-week read. Needless to say I have an assignment due today ... :-P

Anonymous said...

How bout Pacquiao? Is it Fuck Yaw?

Anonymous said...

ur funny Amiel, maybe you could get channel 7 to make you a host on one of their comedy shows!

you seem to be enjoying all this?