Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RP Inter-cities Tournament

It is an absolute chess fest in the Philippines at the moment, with tournaments just about every week. Tomorrow, the 2006 National Inter-cities Championships will begin in Davao City. Some 50 teams are participating.

According to Marlon Bernardino, RP's top player, super GM Mark Paragua will banner Davao A team.

Last year's winner, Tagaytay City, will feature GM Joey Antonio. International master Jayson Gonzales, Edmundo Gatus, Allan Macala plus team skipper Willy Abalos complete their outfit.

Thanks also to Marlon Bernardino, we have a picture of the opening ceremonies. NCFP executive director Samuel Estimo made the traditional ceremonial moves with SK president April Dayap. Standing are NCFP XI Director James Infiesto, secretariat Gogo Alba, NCFP Grassroots Development for Mindanao Engr. Allan Diez, City Sports Coordinator Bong Go, GM Mark Paragua, GM Joey Antonio, City Councilor Leo Avila III and NCFP director Dr. Jenny Mayor, Assemblyman Dr. Bongarsa Tomawis Jr. of ARMM


Anonymous said...

Amiel, the names don't match the pictures! Brian

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Hhhmm...I just copied the names list according to how my source provided them.

Anyway, thanks for the tip. I'll correct some time today.


Anonymous said...

Regardless, nice pleasant news for a change on RP's top GMs Paragua and Antonio actively taking part. Any other GMs playing? Torre too?