Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scorching Arianne Takes Lead

Tonight, Australian chess fans were fixed to their TV sets as Arianne Caoili appeared for the first time in Dancing with the Stars.

She and partner Carmelo Pizzino danced the cha-cha and opened the performance with the 2 of them seated at the chessboard (pretending to play). It was, to an uniniated dance critic like me, quite awesome! The theme was no doubt the fighting incident in Turin. She'd pull away from him, he'd chase, she'd run away again. Good stuff, sexy.

The judges were equally impressed. Said Helen Richey to Arianne, "I think you're going to do very well".

A nice opening for our favourite chess star. I must admit, I was a tad nervous. You know, you just have this thought, "Please don't make a mistake. Please don't make a mistake".

At the first dance mark, Arianne and her partner are in the lead on 32 points.


Anonymous said...

Solid confident performance by Arianne. The judges were a bit harsh on Amanda Keller I thought.
I think Gary Sweet will be the first contestant to get the chop.

Anonymous said...

A great performance by both Arianne & Carmelo (HOT HOT HOT)! Still early days yet but l'm sure Arianne & Carmelo will go far and either Gary or Amanda will exit first next week. Go Arianne & CARMELO!