Monday, September 04, 2006

Palau Update

Competing in this event, Marlon Bernardino sends us a quick update. With just one more game to play, New Zealander Hilton Bennett is set to win the inaugural Palau International chess tournament organised by Aussie IA Gary Bekker.

Hilton and Marlon are actually on 6.5 points each, but the former is yet to play his last, 9th round, game against local Cyril Montel Jr. The Kiwi player just needs a draw to secure outright first. If he looses, then both he and Marlon will be equal first. Here are the standings so far:

6.5 points-Hilton Bennett (New Zealand/ with one more game to play)
6.5 points-Marlon Bernardino Jr. (RP)
6.0 points-Paul Spiller (New Zealand)
4.5 points-Gary Bekker (Australia/ with one more game to play)
4.5 points-Menandro Manuel (Palau)
3.5 points-Gene Pastrana (Palau)
3.5 points-Jose Omega (Palau)
3.0 points Manny Nedic (Palau)
3.0 points-Roberto Hernandez (Palau)
2.0 points-Cyril Montel Jr. (Palau/ with two more games to play)

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