Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paragua in Inter-cities

Relying on the services of RP's number one, the hosts Davao City blanked out Holy Cross 4-0 in their first round encounter of the 2006 National Inter-cities competition. Board 4 for Davao is Dr Jenny Mayor. Aussie chess fans should note that Dr Mayor is apparently organising a group of Pinoy chess players comprising 11 men and 4 women to travel to Sydney next year to compete in the Sydney International Open.

2006 Philippines Inter-cities
White: Mohamad Sacar (Holy Cross Davao City)
Black: GM Mark Paragua (Davao City "A")

1.e4-c5 2.Nf3-d6 3.d4-cd4 4.Nd4-Nf6 5.Nc3-a6 6.a4-e6 7.Be2-Be7 8.g4-d5 9.ed5-Nd5 10.Nd5-Qd5 11.Bf3-Qe5 12.Kf1-Qc7 13.Be3-h5 14.gh5-e5 15.Ne2-Bh3+ 16.Kg1 17.Nc3-Be6 18.Nd5-Bd5 19.Qd5-Rd8 20.Qc4-0-0 21.h6-g6 22.h4-Kh8 23.h5-g5 24.Kg2-f5 25.Bc6-bc6 26. Rh-e1-f4 27.Bc5-f3+ 28.Kg1-Rf4 29.Qc3-Bc5 30. Qc5-Rd5 31.Qc3-Qd7 White resigns 0-1

GM Mark Paragua, Davao City 'A' (Pic: Boy Lim)

Journo Marlon Bernardino, who is our principal source, reported that IMs Oliver Dimakiling and Darwin Laylo are playing in this tournament only because their visa applications for Europe struck a problem. The two IMs are here representing the Barangay Alabang team of Muntinlupa City.

Action shots courtesy of Mr Boy Lim. Thanks mate.

GM Rogelio Antonio, Tagaytay City (Pic: Boy Lim)

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