Saturday, September 16, 2006

Caoili in Daily Tele

One reader of this blog seems to be suffering from selective reading. They ask, "has this blog become a star watch site, instead of chess related matters?" Mmm...well my friend, start a random poll of our posts and figure it out.

Anyway, because we just love to rub it in, here is another Arianne Caoili, oh-so-non-chess-related post. Today, the Aussie chess star is featured in the Daily Telegraph's celebrity section called Confidential. Here is the link.

The print version is even better and features this photo below.

Missing from the online version are these closing lines:

Caoili still won't admit to being romantically involved with Aronian - who is yet to patch things up with Gormally - but says he's supportive of her television move.

But will Caoili's sexy moves evoke the same passionate response in DWTS viewers?

"We'll see - I enjoy dancing incredibly so I hope so," she said.

If anything, at least "chess" is getting some publicity. Sort of. And what is so wrong with that?

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