Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nadera Wins by Candlelight

IM Barlo Nadera, who hails from the same province of Cebue as yours truly, topped the NCFP Prospero Pichay mixed master rapid event. For his efforts the Cebuano IM went home with P10,000.

There was apparently a funny incident in the last round that reminded me of my childhood. Electric power was cut off in the tournament venue thus forcing play to be conducted by candlelight! Absolutely hilarious. When I was a kid, "brownouts" (as we call them) were so common that they basically became part of normal life. We made the most of such circumstances. For we kids, brownouts were a time for games like "hide and seek" or listening to scary stories; for the adults, well, they went and did their thing.

Here are the top placings.

M Barlo Nadera (P10,000) 6.0 points; FM Wesley So (P6,000), IM Oliver Dimakiling (P6,000) 5.5 points; IM Richard Bitoon (3,000) 5.0 points; NM John Paul Gomez (P1,600), NM Rolando Nolte (P1,600), Rhobel Legaspi (P1,600), IM Jayson Gonzales (P1,600), NM Arlan Cabe (P1,600) 4.5 points.

(Womens division)
WIM Beverly Mendoza (P5,000), WNM Enerose Magno (P5,000) 3.5 points; WNM Sherily Cua (P2,150), WIM Cristine Rose Mariano (P2,150), WNM Jedara Docena (P2,150) 3.0 points.

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