Friday, September 15, 2006

Gormally's Resurgence

While Arianne has always remained largely unaffected by "Gormallygate", the man who sparked the whole wild ride, GM Danny Gormally, is himself on the comeback trail. Last June he told Melbourne's The Age paper, "The chess world now … I've just lost interest in it."

Evidently, it didn't take him long to recover that interest. Thanks to James O'Fee we've just learned that GM Gormally has just won the Hereford International tournament in the UK. Gormally scored 6/9 points.

Gormally is currently playing in the European Chess Championship held at the Liverpool World Museum. After 9 rounds, he has 6 points - just a half point behind the leaders.

It is good to see that Danny Gormally is finally getting his chess together again. Back in June, there was some talk that he may be somewhat badly affected by all that attention even to the point of self harm. We say all power to GM Gormally.


Milan Lee said...

Danny won last game and finished on 2nd place tie with 7.0/10

I've been posting daily updates on both Hereford and EU Ch, you missed it ;)

Anonymous said...

good on you danny :)

Anonymous said...

happy for you Danny, so you did a foolish thing when drunk, so what?

Who hasn't done stupid things, and been sorry for it later?

Good luck with your chess, your the one who got Arianne all this publicity anyway. Glad to see chess articles, instead of promotion for wanna be celebs? or has this blog become a star watch site, instead of chess related matters?

or maybe the blog owner is somewhat star struck himself, with the starlet? Pretty obvious. Did Arianne hire you as a promoter?

Anonymous said...

Yeah CG you need to post other pretty chess starlets too, and maybe some chess hunks too for some anonymous ;)

Anonymous said...

oh how catty this all is. a wannabe *celeb* is definately an interesting dream, but what exactly is the definition of that oh-so pathetic word, really? please, don't insult my even basic intelligence. and do you really think that hiring CG as a promoter would bring as much as you accuse? the world is a big place, wouldn't you say? marvellous thoughts you all have, i see. well congratulations. but i must say that i do agree with the fact of other (much more) beautiful female chess players and their deserving for show, and most of all i enthusiastically agree with the posting-of-the-chess hunks idea :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to see that you actually post such a source, CG! it's an even better shock to see what is said about me on your little blog. how amusing this all is. good day to you fellas and an even better cheerio and mabuhay to the filipinos on here, since i have noticed oh so many :)

Anonymous said...

Chess hunks?

Oh yeah... Kasppy baby!!

good for Arianne, good for Danny... where is Aronian on all of this?

Anonymous said...

oh yea chess hunks... none come to mind yet, but hey, what about the mind? CG why did you not post my last comment where i said hello to all the flips on here? i mean, cant i even post something on posts that are about me? cmon CG, be fair.