Thursday, September 21, 2006

Arianne Wins Car

It could possibly be the biggest prize she's ever won - a car! Arianne Caoili tonight appeared in a special episode of Deal or No Deal. Actually, Arianne was playing on behalf of home viewers and the lucky winner, who will soon be driving a brand new Peugeot, is a Nola Hammond of victoria.

Arianne's first TV appearance was a success. She was chatty and giggly. Typical of her style, in the last crucial moment she went for broke declining a bank offer of $11,500. It was worth it.

You can see photos of the special episode here.

As you know, next week will be the opening episode of DWTS. Here's what executive producer Peter Beck had to say about Arianne:

Here's this person we've never heard of, she's beautiful. You think chess player, you think nerdy, but you take one look at this girl in a latin outfit...She speaks five languages. If she can entice the world's numbers one and three, as long as the audience members don't start hitting one another . . .

I'm not sure that she actually speaks 5 languages. I think it's only English and maybe some phrases of everything else. Read the The Age report.

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