Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bring Back Ian Rogers

A couple of days ago I posted about an exciting new blog by GM Ian Rogers. I swear I saw some content in there. It was GM Rogers' coverage of the currently running match-up between Kramnik and Topalov.

But within hours, the blog disappeared! No explanation, nothing from the host, the SMH. A slap in the face for Aussie chess fans especially after all that excitement of seeing the nation's top chess dog finally making an appearance on the blogosphere (yeah, welcome to Web 2.0 Ian). If you click on this link, you can still even see the title, "Checkmate with Ian Rogers".

Sydney chess fan Dr Jonathan Paxman wasn't very happy about this and promptly fired off a note to the SMH. He shared the response which was, "Thank you for your comments about the article, Due to copyright restrictions, the Chess blog has been removed."

What? Without additional info we can't really say very much about this. There may be legit grounds on the part of the SMH. But Dr Paxman is keen for Aussie chessers to lobby the SMH and bring back Ian! And we think that this is a worthy cause. So, Aussie chessers, click on this link and demand that the SMH bring back our grandmaster Ian Rogers to the blogosphere.

We want Ian! We want Ian!


Anonymous said...

no we dont want ian, he is a dying race. bring on the younger ones with who will have more quality that ian has ever had.

DeNovoMeme said...

Complaint now sent to SMH [Superficial Money (w)Hore]

Hey cg! Carying on with that scary rant will not Grant you any favor around here.

Anonymous said...

And who would you suggest Cary?

Smerdon?...Zhong Zhao?....George Xie?