Monday, September 25, 2006

Chess Podcast by Dion Sampson

In May this year, we did what I think may have been the first podcast in Aussie chess. Not much has followed since then - more out of laziness. However, another chess fan, Dion Sampson, of Queensland has produced his own podcast of the Australian chess scene. He covers quite a bit of territory, basically a review of what's been happening over the past week both here and abroad. We even get a mention! Thanks Dion.

To listen, just click on the "play" symbol of the Odeo player below. Dion's podcast is presently in the TCG stream. This is for demonstration purposes only and we do have Dion's permission to do this. Hopefully, Dion can soon set up his own Odeo stream.

The recording spans about 11 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Nice podcast Dion,you sound like I always imagined you would internet/arcade gamer! hehe

Hope you make some more podcasts in the future...always good to have multiple voices of expression in the australian chess scene.

Viva la difference!

Anonymous said...

Thanks 442, you can expect more podcasts soon!

Thanks to TCG for featuring it too.