Monday, September 04, 2006

Events Open for Bidding

It will be a long time before any of these will come to Australian shores. What with Australia's most well-known chess personalities more busy flaming each other in the country's liveliest chess bulletin board top tournaments are just a distant dream.

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Anonymous said...

i think the canterbury box hill chess club should put in a bid for one of these events and put their notoriously nobbled semi open swiss concept on the world stage; that's right, the one where the lower half aren't allowed to win yet can be expected to play upper half entrants ... and yes it nobbles improving juniors too especially those just under the divisional splicing point. daily bulletins would wax lyrical about the sacred "competitive index" and the mystical "metric" ... an open swiss should mean "open to all" meaning that even the lowest entrant can win albeit statistically improbable. also, if the fide requirements for a norm in a nine round swiss allow for 2 unrated games then why at club level in this instance is the excuse about avoiding junk rounds bandied about so that higher rated players can be wrapped in cotton wool ... so you didn't get a "competitive game" tonight? ... i can't control my tears boo hoo sob

... not that anybody in the acf or cv would ever get off their arse and ban the practice.

(btw i boycotted the c/bh cc due to the factors above)