Monday, September 18, 2006

Bradley Loh on SBS

Former chess player Bradley Loh will be featured in the SBS documentary, "Here Comes the Neighborhood" on Saturday, 30 September. The program will air at 6PM (Sydney time).

From the SBS site:

This series will once again have a look over the fence, have a chat with a mate and take pleasure in the colourful events that celebrate living in multicultural Australia. In the final episode of this series, we meet recent immigrants who have joined a group of bushwalkers, to help appreciate the harsh beauty of the Australian landscape. In a sea of suits, you wouldn't pick quantitative analyst, Chinese-Malay, Bradley Loh, as a salsa dancer. This week Sulaiman shows us what a chief or ‘big man' might wear in Sierra Leone and we visit Homebush Public School where 98.6% of the students are from a non-English speaking background.

Yes, that's right, our friend Bradley is an avid salsero. Two years ago he even won the Best Male Performer Salsa "Saturday Night Fever" award at the Latin Dance Australia club. Outside of dancing, Bradley is into poker and marathon running.

I once saw this guy perform at last year's Latin festival in Sydney. With all those chicks around him, I reckon he might have done something right. I have got to get myself into dance school.

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