Friday, September 08, 2006

ACF Boss Steps Down

Following Paul Broekhuyse's resignation last week as the Australian Chess Federation's webmaster, Denis Jessop announced earlier this week that he will not be seeking re-election as ACF boss at the upcoming National Conference in January 2007.

In his official statement, the ex-lawyer said:

My experience as President has been that there is so much work of an administrative kind to be done that it I found very little time to formulate, or to concentrate on, policy matters. I should like in the future to concentrate on policy and planning matters as well as revision of the ACF By-laws which need attention and in which I have some expertise. I have generally enjoyed the office despite my setback last year and look forward to a suitable applicant coming forward to take over.

I can remember Mr Jessop for his support of the national banning rule. Anyone else remember anything?

Mr Jessop's closing sentence above does provoke a question: what might be the qualities of a "suitable applicant"? I tend to think that it has to be someone with some leadership experience. I don't care for candidates who might be well-educated and bright, but if they've never led - they cannot be good candidates and will likely fail in the job.

Given the ACF's constant struggle for corporate sponsorship, a bonus would be someone who has extensive experience dealing with the high-end of town.

OK, dear readers, add your ideal qualities to the list. Have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

There were other short sighted petty clowns who supported the amendment to a national banning rule,lets not forget them as well Amiel.

Anonymous said...

everyone who wants the ACF to be reformed is praying for Bill Gletsos to step forward because it would be the final straw for an organisation on the cusp of death

Anonymous said...

Cordover may decide to run again Gray,but seeing as more people in australian chess have gotten to see what type of guy he is since he last ran I would say his chance of getting elected would be extremely unlikely.

Hopefully the new president will be someone who understands the needs of both the grass roots and the top echelon of players.

We need more chess clubs,more players and more tournaments,otherwise chess in this country will be going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

perhaps the right person for the job is somewhere "outthere in training" ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Gray,there will definitely be other candidates for the ACF president besides Cordover.

And no,I wont be one of the them , lol.