Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shall We Dance?

Back in June, at the height of "Gormallygate", Irishman Colm Daly created a tribute site for Arianne Caoili. Visit www.ariannecaoili.com (WARNING: Accompanying music may drive you nuts). Colm did the world a little favour by posting a scanned copy of The Times article that began this surreal and fascinating story.

And so, for those who are frantically searching for "arianne caoili photos" in Google - here's a scanned image of the New Idea magazine in which our favourite chess player appears. She is pictured alongside the other "stars" who will soon compete in the next edition of Channel 7's Dancing with the Stars program. Looking at the list of participants, we can only hope that Arianne avoids the "curse of the pretty chick".

Today, this story by AAP was widely featured in Australian print media.

By the way, I notice a few surfers who are searching for "arianne caoili nude photos" in Google. Well boys, good luck with that.

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Milan Lee said...

I get alot of visitors from google searching for Mira Dedijer photos ;)