Monday, September 11, 2006

Bobby Ang on Selections Controversy

Some of you may have missed the fun and action in our final post on the Doha Elims in the Philippines. We are lucky to have former RP men's Olympiad team captain and chess columnist Bobby Ang making some insightful comments.

Mr Ang gives his readers advance viewing of his column to be published on September 15. He writes:

[W]hichever way you form the team, you can be sure that if the formula is not working – if our team continues to perform badly, then they will change it. When players start meddling in the selection process, in the seeding process, in the governing process, then that is the time to pack up your bags and go get a “real” job.

Amen to that.


Anonymous said...

Any so called breaking news from Philippines regards chess, is certainly not new. More like heart breaking, they are so pathetic!

Drama, drama, drama, the pinoys! Always the same, never changes!

Remember the 2 teams sent to Istanbul, what bull! They showed themselves truly stupid!

Time they moved on with their good chess talents. Do more on the board than off, they may produce a Super GM one day, seriously.

Anonymous said...

who showed themself stupid? I admit there is a bit of self-interest in the question, since I was in one of the teams.

do you know what really happened there? or do you just like to call other people pathetic and/or stupid?

yes, it is easy to insult other people under the cloak of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

"When players start meddling in the selection process, in the seeding process, in the governing process, then that is the time to pack up your bags and go get a “real” job.

I would change the last part of that sentence to: "it is probably because the people in charge are not doing a good job".
So, yes, it is time to pack up your bags and let someone else do a better job.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Bobby if I offended you, actually I know you were with the "RIGHT AND OFFICIAL" team in Istanbul Olympiad.

The stupid and pathetic comments were meant for the rest of the officials, and some players.

Generally, you got to admit it, Pinoys are always making dramas, troubles, and confusions, which is very annoying, and looks very stupid to the rest of the world observing.

As for my remaining anonymous, may seem a weak excuse, but due to highly risky, personal matters, it is in my best interest to keep my identity unknown at this point, but at a later date, I may reveal who I am.

Anonymous said...

Watch your word my friend!

Anonymous said...

thought this blog was about honest open opinions, whoever didn't like the former statement, seems to be posing a threat! Sorry, but you need to do an opinion poll!

Anonymous said...

Opinion's should be based on facts first, giving opinion on a certain issue without knowing what the issue really is, or he/she is not there himself is pure "stupidity". Baseless, factless and full of "stupidity"!

Anonymous said...

sorry my friend I am not stupid, I only comment on what I know, and absolute evidence, like being on the spot, seeing for do you know I was not there?

or maybe in some way very much involved?

Your comment is the obvious, only idiots comment on things they know nothing about, I fully agree with that!

Like I said one day you may know who I am.