Sunday, September 03, 2006

NCFP Qualifications for Doha

We have been sent an email by Filipino journalist Ignacio Dee to advise that the 2006 National Chess Federation of the Philippines qualification event for the upcoming Doha Asian Games began without grandmasters Paragua, Antonio and Torre. Nelson Mariano II is the only grandmaster in attendance.

As our readers may recall, the trio of Paragua, Antonio and Torre were unhappy about the choice of a Swiss system format for the event.


Anonymous said...

It's really unfortunate that the GMs position on the Doha Qatar Selection has fallen on deaf ears. Having been in many strong competitions abroad, the GMs know so well that the Swiss System may give even a lowly rated chess player a chance to pull surprise win over highly rated players.

Anonymous said...

2 tournaments i think would be the best system that the NCFP could have made to get the best possible result (player). A swiss tournament were all players will play ( i hate the seeding option) then get the top 16 or 12 and let them play in a close tournament.