Saturday, September 23, 2006

Arianne Caoili: Everyone Can Play Chess

Yesterday, woman international master Arianne Caoili was back in Queensland to do some promotional work. There was a brief stop at the ABC's Coast FM Studios to whom Arianne gave a quick interview. I quite like this little effort for at least we do get to read something more than the usual reruns of "that" incident.

In Australia it’s definitely becoming more popular. In Europe it’s already done. Turn over to the sports pages in any Germany newspaper, it’s all about chess...Everyone can play chess, that’s what is beautiful about it. It’s like a universal language.

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Whatever comes out of her apperance on DWTS, it seems that Arianne is still very much passionate about chess. She informed the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin that, "I can't keep my hands off the chess board".


Anonymous said...

I'll make sure I have a chess board on my chest (or maybe another part of my anatomy) next time I see her around.

Anonymous said...

what's the good of the other part of the anatomy, when she's interested in the board, and the she says!

anyway looking at her rating drop, last few years, is she really into chess? Looks like she loves other, things, or shall I say pawns in life! That's her real game don't you think?

Anonymous said...

oh please, must you drop that low, mister ex chess player who probably cant play for nuts?

Anonymous said...

Amiel, perhaps you can enlighten us with your Pinoy heritage. How is Caoili pronounced? Just heard a voiceover ad for Dancing with the Stars at the end of a TV movie tonight and it sounds like Arianne's name was pronounced Co-Willy. Is that anywhere near close?
You may want to take Nick Kordahi's brother's example as a starting point:

Anonymous said...

Wasnt Tippi considered unwelcome on this blog,Amiel?

Anonymous said...

yes but tippi is an avid reader, and i sure do love to hear what aussie chess nuts have to say about me! hahahah...and especially, amiel is fantastic with covering philippine chess, which i am interested in. mabuhay!