Monday, November 20, 2006

Wesley So Draws with Ni Hua

CORRECTION: We've now just been advised that Antonio, in fact, lost to Akobian. The pairings, therefore, stand.

Here are some preliminary results from round 4 today in the GMA Cup. Important outcomes here are So's draw with Ni Hua and Antonio's win over Akobian.

Onischuk-Belov, 1-0
Mikhalevsky-Zhang Pengxiang, draw
Akobian-Antonio, 0-1 Akobian-Antonio, 1-0
Torre-Zhang Zhong, draw
Ni Hua-So, draw
Wang Rui-Bitoon, 1-0

And here are some preliminary pairings for round 5. Cheers Iggy. Note that these pairings don't look 100% correct. We're double checking.

Akobian (4) vs. Onischuk (4)
Zhang Pengxiang (3.5) vs Wang Rui (3.5)
Zhang Zhong (3) vs. Mikhalevski (3.5)
Dableo (3) vs. Torre (3)
Antonio (3) vs. Barbosa (3)
So (3) vs. Zhou Weiqui (3)
Belov (3) vs. Garma
Ranola (3) vs. Vakidov (3)
Laylo (3) vs. Nadera (3)
Severino (3) vs. Villamayor

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