Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Antonio Withdraws from GMA

In a sensational turn of events, RP grandmaster Rogelio Antonio Jr. has just withdrawn from the 1st GMA Cup. He cites sinusitis and a high fever as the reasons for the withdrawal. It should be noted that GM Antonio lost his last 3 three games - to Akobian in the fourth round, followed by a loss to Oliver Barbosa in the fifth and, finally, to Nouri Hamed in the sixth round today.

Antonio was quoted as saying, "Masama na talaga ang pakiramdam ko. Hindi ko na kayang maglaro kahit gustuhin ko mang tapusin" (Trans: I really feel ill. I can't manage to play even though I really want to finish [the tournament]).

Other early 6th round results:

Onischuk 4.5 pts. vs Zhang Pengxiang 4.0 pts.,draw
Belov 4.0 pts. vs Akobian 4.5 pts. Still playing
Barbosa 4.0 pts. vs Zhang Zhong 4.0 pts., 0-1
Wang Rui 4.0 pts. vs Laylo 4.0 pts, draw
Paragua 3.5 pts. vs Dableo 4.0 pts, draw
Ni Hua 3.5 pts. vs Ranola 3.5 pts, 1-0
Weiqi Zhou 3.5 pts. vs Mikhalevski 3.5 pts,0-1
Vakhidov 3.5 pts. vs Severino 3.5 pts, draw
Nolte 3.5 pts. vs Bitoon 3.5 pts, draw
Villamayor 3.5 pts. vs So 3.5 pts, draw
Torre 3.0 pts. vs Bancod 3.0 pts., 1-0
Hamed 3.0 pts. vs Antonio Jr. 3.0 pts, 1-0

Thanks to Marlon Bernardino and Iggy Dee for the information contained in this post.

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Anonymous said...

Hope GM Joey will feel better. This is the observation of the playing venue of the GMA Tourney. I will get sick too with the conditions playing at the airport:

"Guys allow me to share my observations from the ongoing GMA Cup at the Duty Free Shopping Mall in ParaƱaque yesterday. It was my day off yesterday and I decided to visit the tournament site hoping meet famous Grandmasters and some old friends from my college days. I first noticed that the noise level in the venue is quite unacceptable for a prestigious international tournament. Too many shoppers in the area plus the loud sound of airplanes from the nearby airport makes me wonder what the players have to say about it. I was just a spectator but was irritated by the noise in the area, what more the players. Also they could have held the tournament in a more spacious area and not in the middle of a shooping mall! Our organizers could have done better plus the fact the their online coverage and updates are nowhere to be found. With better preparation they could have shown the chess world that we can hold world class tournaments here. I hope NCFP can do a better job next time around and for us chess fans something that we can be proud of."

Unsa man, wala gid class??