Saturday, November 18, 2006

GMA Cup Prelim Round 3 Results

Two rounds were played today. Below are some initial round 3 results.

Laylo-Onishuk, 0-1
Zhang Pengxiang-Vakidov, 1-0
Zhang Zhong-Wang Rui, draw
Dableo-Akobian, 0-1
Belov-Zhou, 1-0
Mikalevski-Villamayor, 1-0
Torre-So, draw
Antonio-Senador, 1-0


Anonymous said...

E-mail Congressman Pichay to hire TCG and Bobby Ang to run that site!!

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you are hehehe?

ChessGenie said...

From the list of Members and Officers of NCFP, it's top heavy with Hon, Atty, Gen, and more Attys... but none in list is a webmaster. How do you expect a website run by politicians...

Anonymous said...

IM W. So is doing fine SO far after 3RD round. He is osSoing with confidence right now. If he holds the momentum, he can gain another GM on this GMA cup.

Anonymous said...

This blog is So cool!