Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kramnik vs Fritz

The Kramnik vs Fritz match will begin tonight, Australia time. I know some of our readers are eagerly waiting for that. But for me, these sorts of man versus machine type matches are not very interesting. There's just something missing.

Anyway, you guys can follow the action on the usual chess servers. The ICC will have the famous Mig as well as US grandmaster Joel Benjamin in their program. I have to say that I always prefer ICC's audio coverage. Plus the kibitzes on ICC game viewers are themselves absolute classics!

And just so my friend Goran Urosevic won't be cross with me, I should also mention the World Chess Network. WCN will also have audio coverage with GM Alex Finkel handling the first 2 rounds while Larry Christiansen and Irina Krush will be on duty for all other games. The good thing is that audio is not restricted; anyone can listen. The downside is that only gold members can watch the live game broadcast, unless the game is on Friday when all members have access to all features. Some readers may prefer to check out WCN as it's less chaotic than ICC.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! First of all, the title "Closet Grandmaster" is in any way a subtle reference to Kramnik? ;-)
How about a post after the match? Which Kr. lost with 2-4 (mate in 1 move by Fritz included).