Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arianne Caoili Loses Grand Final

We interrupt our short break from blogging to bring to our OS readers this news. WIM Arianne Caoili tonight Australia time lost the grand final of Dancing with the Stars. The winner was Australian rules football star Anthony Koutoufides.

No doubt the controversy over Arianne's alleged cheating, sparked off last Tuesday by judge Todd McKenney's comments, drew away many voters from the chess star. But many pro-Arianne watchers are tonight left aghast with some taking aim directly at the program.

One poster on the official DWTS message boards wrote, "This show is a sham". Some are claiming that the whole thing is rigged.

The past 7 days has been a very unglamorous experience for Caoili. Who knows where she goes from here? A break will do her some good from all that whirlwind publicity. But, from our talks with her throughout the show, she seems to be coping rather well. We also understand that a special visitor might drop in sometime this week. If true, that will be a bonus.


Anonymous said...

Kouta's votes in the second and third dances showed that the judges were blatantly biased towards him. It was one of the worst cases of rigging of a show that I have ever seen.

The organisers of the Australian open should give her free entry for raising the profile of chess in Australia.

Anonymous said...

You may care to know that the official DWTS site
http://au.yahoo.com/dancing-with-the-stars/ have this result in their pool conducted (As at 30Nov 11:00am)
Q: How did you rate grand final night?
It was the perfect end to a thrilling series. 18%
Arianne was robbed! She was the best dancer by far! 49%
Kouta is incredible. He deserves every mirror on that trophy! 33%

The 4 DWTS judges voted for Kouta; but the general viewing public is clearly behind Arianne...

Anonymous said...

They've already given that award to Gerrit 'Cue-ball' Hartland.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if she had been upfront with her claim of no dance lessons she would have won?!

Anonymous said...

Actually, in regards to the post about the DWTS poll, the voting public was also behind Kouta.

The judges' score in the final episode are irrelevant - in the case of a tie, ie if Kouta had recieved the judges' vote and Arianne the public then Arianne would have won. An example is when Ada won in series 3 despite Chris receiving the judges' vote.