Sunday, November 05, 2006

Grand Old Man Campo

Some these days only have bad words to say about Florencio Campomanes. But not Abac Cordero, writing for The Philippine Star.

The long-time president and chairman of the International Chess Federation or FIDE (1982-1996) has never grown tired of helping the sport which he’s been part of for more than 50 years.

From the day he captained the RP team in the 1956 Chess Olympiad in Moscow, Campomanes has always had the welfare of chess players, Filipino or otherwise, in his beautiful mind.

From The Philippine Star.


Anonymous said...

are u kidding? what about his character, anyone who really knows him, knows he's been in it for the lifestyle, prestige, and money making opportunities...that's why he won't quit...sip sip naman..who ever wrote this article..

Anonymous said...

Happy 55th Birthday GM Eugenio Torre!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Does Campo have enough influence to still warrant this kind of sycophancy?

Anonymous said...

How much money has the guy ripped of businesses and sucked out of fide again?

Anonymous said...

for fifty years!! campo only took care of himself and his crookness.

zero credibility world wide.

philippine chess languished during his leadership.

Anonymous said...

Campo's legacy sadly is his corrupt and abusive reign of power.

He is and will always be a convicted felon, regardless of what good he has done in his life.

I have ill feelings about his increasing involvement with Philippine chess affairs.

With his bad track record, he will undoubtedly try to fleece GMA and the Filipinos for his retirement pot!