Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chinese GM Tops GMA

Thanks Iggy for the following! Chinese grandmaster Zhang Pengxiang has emerged winner of the inaugural Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Cup Chess Challenge on a score of 7.5 points out of nine. Mikhalevski and Onischuk shared second place on 7.

Zhang Zhong-Zhang Pengxiang 0-1
Dableo-Onischuk, 0-1
Mikhalveski-Nouri, 1-0
Zhou- Ni Hua, 0-1
Akobian-Garma, 1-0
Wang Rui –Paragua, 1-0
So-Belov, 0-1
Sadorra-Vakhidov, 1-0
Severino-laylo, 0-1, default
Bitoon-Senador, 0-1
Bancod-mariano, 1-0
Gonzales-Barbosa, 1-0
Ranola-Tolentino, 1-0

7.5-Zhang Pengxiang
7-Mikhalevski, Onischuk,
6.5- Ni Hua, Wang Rui, Akobian
6.0- Zhang Zhong, Nouri, Belov, Laylo, Ranola, Bancod, Senador, Sadorra, Gonzales

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Anonymous said...

No games available for download at the NFCP site. Such competence!