Thursday, November 23, 2006

Arianne: I did not lie

When asked by judge Todd McKenney if she's ever had prior dance training, Arianne said, "Absolutely not". Yet The Gold Coast Bulletin has now revealed that Australia's favourite chess starlet did, in fact, attend at least 3 beginner classes with Rio Rhythmics.

Queensland paper The Courier Mail yesterday also quoted Annette Caoili, Arianne's mother, as saying:

She was at that time full on with her classical ballet and she was getting distinction awards from the Academy of London . . . at that young age, six . . . seven. Of course, the ballet teacher was telling me she's cut out to be a ballerina.

Distinction awards from the Academy of London?

Anyway, we think that there's something very strange about all this. As some posters on the DWTS official message boards have said, it's hard to believe that Channel 7 didn't bother to check Arianne's background. Could all this be just a PR stunt?

As I hit this paragraph, Arianne is appearing on Channel 7's "Sunrise" program. She has just labelled her mom's remark above (i.e. "full time with classical ballet") as "ridiculous". She accepts that she had 4 salsa beginner social lessons and some tiny tot ballet classes.

"I did not lie, I simply misunderstood [Todd's question] in the heat of the moment", she said.


Anonymous said...

Isnt Arianne a salsa instructor in Brisbane? Doesnt she attend classes 2-3 times per week?

Anonymous said...

i'm surprised arianne's pr advisors haven't told her mother to keep hEr mouth shut

Anonymous said...

Arianne's mother ... so fond of her talented daughter's achievements that she gets carried away and spins fairytales?

Anonymous said...

She's admitted having had lessons and having aspirations to be a professional dancer on her website, in her ICC notes and in person: she HAS had dance training. Not that it's that big of an issue with previous contestants also having had training but what is a negative is that she lied about it - I've seen her do it before and it was the same face she put on.

Anonymous said...

Having aspirations to be a professional dancer?

Cant say I had seen that before.

And as for the Royal academy being interested in a 6 yr old,you must be joking.

Not even Nureyev would have been looked at 6-7. They dont even think about juniors until they start to go through basic physical development,ie after the age of 10.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting that Ariannes website has changed. It no longer states she dances at clubs.
In an interview given recently where she is in an article with a little boy playing chess she mentions her time as a ballet dancer.

Shiloh alias Sheila said...

Ariannes mother was misquoted..what a lot of media garbage. .I was there and heard. She was referring to the royal academy of London teacher at her tiny to school classes..who teaches classical ballet as an accredited royal academy of London teacher..& yes she was pleased with arianne talent. Thus advised ariannes mother she should continue weekly school 6...come on so what..that's not professional ballet background..some of you need to get a life!!