Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lee Jones in Mumbai

The Commonwealth Chess Championships began the other day in Mumbai, India. Lee Jones, the Australian rep, is so far on nil after 2 rounds. He sufferred back-to-back losses to Indians GM Praveen Thipsay in the first round, then in the second to 1943-rated Khosla Shiven.

English GM Nigel Short is the top seed of this event. Most participants are, naturally, from India. There are a couple of Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis, a Singaporean, one from Namibia, a South African, there is one each from Malaysia and Pakistan - plus, of course, Lee Jones. A total of 168 players are competing.


Anonymous said...

13 Grandmasters, 8 Women Grandmasters and lots of juniors playing way above their rating!

Anonymous said...

Does this tournament get allocated to other countries in the commonwealth?

Or is India the only country bothered to organise it at this point in time?