Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Arbiter Attacked by Spectator

A very serious incident reportedly took place at the Ralph Seberry Memorial Weekender played over the last weekend. It seems that the arbiter was physically assaulted by a spectator just as the tournament was ending. NSWCA head Bill Gletsos says that the arbiter has been advised to file charges with the police.

On more chess related matters, we can say that FM Igor Bjelobrk won this event with a score of 6.5 points from 7 games. He drew his penultimate game against Sydney junior Max Illingworth. Johny Bolens and IM-elect George Xie were the second placers with 5.5 points each.


Anonymous said...

So who did the attacking and what was their reasoning?

Anonymous said...

In Australia, the public does not "file charges." You report criminal actions or activity to police. The police investigate and then report the matter to the Dept Public Prosecutions. Only then will a charge be prosecuted.

Matthew Sweeney would not have allowed some someone to go on thumping an official. Auther H.should sue the NSWCA for not having a desigated bouncer.

Anonymous said...

Not much to go on in this blog posting. Who was the arbiter? What, if any, were his injuries? Who was the spectator? More details, please!