Friday, November 10, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: So Beats Burmakin

We've just seen from the Bad Wiesse live game viewer that Filipino 13-year old IM Wesley So has just defeated GM Vladimir Burmakin of Russia.

UPDATE: Full round 6 for the RP contingent are now in. Results are as follows:

Burmakin, Vladimir - So, Wesley 0-1
Laylo, Darwin - Postny, Evgeny 0-1
Dimakiling, Oliver - Salvermoser, Bernd (FM) 1-0
Kroencke, Manfred - Gonzales, Jayson 0-1
Jaenig, Reinhard - Gomez, John Paul 0-1

Wesley So is on 5.5 points - the same as four others - grandmasters Al-Modiahki, Landa, Postny and Georgiev.


Anonymous said...

Your should show too how Wesley manhandled the German GM Michael Prusikin the previous round!!

Anonymous said...

Wesley So sacrificed not one, but two Knights for a winning attack against the German GM Prusikin!!

Anonymous said...

Does Wesley So have a chance for his first GM norm? He just drew his game against Veresla Eingorn.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! He outplayed the GM and he made it looks so easy. I think So will be a GM within a year- year-and-a-half