Friday, November 03, 2006

Life Members for NSWCA

Sydney chess personality and retailer Peter Parr has been up to his usual sideline hobby over the past week - lobbing hand grenades at both the ACF and the New South Wales Chess Association. After an earlier bizarre shot in which he called himself "General Winston Parr" and NSWCA boss Bill Gletsos as "Sargent-Major Gletsos" - Mr Parr finally managed to produce a worthwhile suggestion.

He is nominating two Sydney players for life memberships of the NSWCA. These two are ex-Olympiad rep and former champ of NSW FIDE master Max Fuller and local player Lloyd Fell - himself a 4-time Sydney champion (in '44,'60, '62 and 1973).

Both nominations are excellent and should be supported.

Peter Parr is correct in his observations that over the past couple of years, NSWCA politicians appear to have handed out life memberships to one of their own. For example, last year - no less than the big boss himself, Bill Gletsos, was a happy recipient of this award. It's about time that we consider the common players.

The problem here, of course, is that annual general meetings (AGM) at year end - during which life memberships are voted upon and conferred - are pretty much a powwow of these politicians, their friends, and a few curious parties. NSWCA members should attend their AGM if they're going to keep their polies in check. The next AGM will be held on 26 November at the Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club.


Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumour that Council was putting "IA" Zworestine up for Life Membership?

Anonymous said...

Any idea's who nominated Bill Gletsos for Life Membership? Mr Peter Parr

Anonymous said...

Zworestine should refuse it for his part in the St George debacle.

Anonymous said...

Peter Parr is a joke! In Parr's post on Chess Chat recommending life membership for Fuller and Fell he says............"I have always believed (and stated so last year) that an absolute minimum of 20 years as a major office-bearer is essential. The NSWCA already has too many long-term life members considering its overall low membership figures.
In addition to at least 20 years life membership should not be considered before the age of 55.
We must not give life membership for 10-15 years or for younger than 55."

So, Parr considers that there are too many life members of the NSWCA, yet he proposes two more (Fuller and Fell)!

Parr complains that one should be at least 55 years old before life membership is conferred, yet last year he nominated Bill Gletsos (who at the time of nomination was 48!) for life membership!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is considerable truth to NSWCA Council recommending Charles Zworestine for NSWCA life membership. Which is no doubt the real reason behind Parr's recent attacks on NSWCA Life Membership.

Anonymous said...

Didnt parr get a life membership before the age of 40???

Anonymous said...

Are these "committed" NSW chess people so cheap as to expect life membership?

Just pay the damn money like every other tournament player. GRRR!!!!