Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Arianne Caoili in Grand Final

In next week's Dancing with the Stars grand final showdown, Arianne Caoili will fight it out against AFL star Anthony Koutoufides. Last night, Arianne's main rival Tamsyn Lewis was unbelievably booted out of the show.

TCG actually missed the episode last night (off to see "Little Miss Sunshine") but we understand that Australia's chess starlet came in for some right royal shellacking from judge Todd McKenney. He'd apparently effectively branded Arianne a liar on national TV! It seems the question that's being asked is: did Arianne have any dancing experience, either as a student or dance teacher, prior to her appearance on DWTS?

Todd McKenney's comments last night has got the DWTS message boards abuzz. Most posters are on Arianne's side, with some even accusing Todd of being a racist.

To be frank, we don't really understand what the fuss is all about. The fact is, Arianne has never been a pro dancer. Two previous celebrity contestants, Nikki Webster and ex-Miss Universe Jennier Hawkins, also had dance backgrounds.

If nothing dramatic happens between now and next Tuesday, Arianne Caoili will hope to emulate the achievement of another Pinoy who won Dancing with the Stars. Last week, Fillipino-American Cheryl Burke was the winner of the United States' own version of DWTS. Cheryl's partner was Dallas Cowboys running back, Emmitt Smith.


ChessGenie said...

I watched DWTS that night, and witnessed how Todd praised his favourite Sport star Anthony and tell Chess Queen Arianne that he's bored. In his scored card: Anthony got 8, Arianne recieved 5. Every one who watched DWTS will tell you that the point made was not about dancing... It's shocking how a judge demolished any contestant by his choice of the numbered card.

Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge within the chess community that Arianne has had dance lessons and also that she is a salsa instructor! She dances 3 times per week. Todd was not actually picking on her, however merely pointing out that she has had lessons before. But suprisingly Arianne was trying to deny it. Reminds me a bit of all the parents who claim their child is a natural talent at chess and have never recieved any coaching at all!