Monday, November 20, 2006

Round 5 Results from GMA

Initial round 5 results are in:

Akobian (USA) vs GM A. Onischuk (USA), draw
Zhang Penxiang (China) vs Wang Rui (China), draw
Zhang Zhong (China) vs V. Mikhalevski (Israel), 1-0
V. Belov (Russia) vs C. Garma (RP), 1-0
R. Dableo (RP) vs E. Torre (RP), 1-0
R. Antonio Jr. (RP) vs O. Barbosa (RP), 0-1
Y. Ranola (RP) vs T. Vakhidov (Uzbekistan), drag
D. Laylo (RP) vs Nadera (RP), 1-0
Wesley So (RP) vs Weiqi Zhou (China), draw
S.Severino (RP) vs Bong Villamayor (RP), draw
J. de Ramos (RP) vs Ni Hua (China), 0-1
John Paul Gomez (RP) vs Paragua (RP), 0-1
Bitoon (RP) vs Merben Roque (RP), draw
Nolte (RP) vs GM Nelson Mariano II (RP), 1-0

Above results are courtesy of Marlon Bernardino.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is why the GMs will not participate in any qualifying tournaments. They can get beat by the other Pinoy talents anytime.

It is just fair to give other Pinoy prospects to play in the GMA international tournament.

Campomanes used to hand pick his selected lackeys to play during the '70s Marlboro international tournaments.

A lot of promising Pinoy talents, Cardoso, Naranja, Balinas were sacrificed by Campo to promote his then favorite Torre.