Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Victoria United?

Courtesy of Victorian chess personality David Beaumont, this afternoon we learned of some revolutionary movement down south. It seems that a group of local chess administrators calling themselves "Unity" are running a ticket to take control of Chess Victoria.

The following are just some of their stated aims:

Move all CV activities to 3 Rochester Road on a rental share with the Box Hill Chess Club, where there will be unlimited access for a once a year payment of between four and five thousand dollars

Re-introduce a fortnightly CV email news sheet

Maintain the 12 player round robin format of the Victorian Championship but run it on a 2 rounds per week basis from the above venue

Propose the election of Gary Wastell as an honorary life member of Chess Victoria

This last one is potentially controversial. In a posting on Chess Chat (as well as the rival Australian Chess Club Forum), Mr Beaumont says, "I can tell you for certain that Gary Wastell's nomination is not a popular one amongst [Melbourne Chess Club] people. Question marks also remain about the motivations behind, and for, such a close relationship between Box Hill Chessclub and ChessVictoria."

we're very interested to hear directly from Gerry Hartland, leader of "Unity". An email is on its way. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

ChessVictoria will become the BoxHill Chess Association.

This proposal is TOTALLY lopsided in favour of BoxHill. The power of the other clubs in having a say on tournaments/interclub will be completely eroded.

Its an absolute disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Dear TCG,

In answer to a certain someone at some other place asking if you had any idea who it was who posted the above commEnt just tell that certain someone it wasn't me whoever I happen to be.

Not that you would say anything ...


Anonymous said...

I know it wasnt you ,"raised E"...it was me.

For the record Im not Alex Malejew.

Many people are pissed off with this proposal but feel they dont have a voice to say anything and that it will be a fait acompli due to no one running against "Team Unity".

Hopefully someone will run against them and give so other clubs in Melbourne will have some voice.

Anonymous said...

"I know it wasnt you ,"raised E"...it was me."

Seems a bit of a dodgy retort if it's not followed with identifying information.

By all means remain anonymous but I prefer to take responsibility for my (occasionally) ill-expressed but strongly held convictions. Allows you to be a part of both a process and a solution - instead of a sideline stone-thrower.

BTW - I am not the anonymous contributor either :0)


Anonymous said...

Ah,democracy at its best.
Disagree with a biased proposal and they tell you to shut the f*** up.

This people is why when "Team Unity" gets in their will be no consultation.

If you dont like their program they will just tell you to shut the f*** up.

While Im not a fan of Wastell at least he wouldnt be so rude as to tell people you have no right to express an opinion.

Read through the proposal Libby and tell me honestly if it doesnt give EVERYTHING to BoxHill.

Vic champs,winter interclub,reduced junior fees[half of Boxhill's membership]...and $4,000!

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the bit where I told anyone to shut up :0)

My comment was a suggestion that people who feel strongly should be able to take responsibility for their statements.

In our representative democracy I'd think anyone would be free to nominate as a candidate, or put together an alternative program. People should be able to speak up against the proposal.

I don't really have a position on the proposal because I have no idea what's going on with chess in Victoria.

But I fail to understand the logic of all the "pissed off" and anonymous people complaining that Team Unity will be elected unopposed without being prepared to nominate themselves, or their preferred candidate, so there actually is an alternative for people to vote for.

Maybe I've sat at too many meetings where we were begging, or coercing people into positions. I'd be quite excited to actually experience a surfeit of candidates!


Anonymous said...

sorry to ask but does the cv website actually have a formal notice (required by the incorporations act ...?) concerning the forthcoming agm and the positions which are being spillEd?