Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Aussie in Asian Games

The 15th Asian Games is only a little over 2 weeks away and, of course, we can't wait for that. The Philippines will be represented by Darwin Laylo and Ronald Dableo for the men's side and Jedara Docena on the women.

Australia will not be in it, of course, and this is understandable. But there is at least a lone Aussie who will participate in the chess proceedings. It is none other than Sydneysider IA Jason Lyons. The guy has just scored one of the best gigs ever - sports manager for chess. He's off on an Emirates flight to Doha this week to perform some pre-event checks and then run the show. Awesome! Good luck to that.

There's a funny story to this actually. At this time, construction of the athletes village is still incomplete. The situation has apparently forced the organisers to hire a cruise liner, to be docked in Doha Harbour, and to have some of all the athletes live there instead. Mr Lyons, you guess by now, will be on the ship! Says he, "I'm gonna be living for 1 month on a cruise liner that doesn't go anywhere!"

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