Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hat Trick of Upsets for Nouri

National Master Hamed Nouri is emerging as RP's giant killer in the currently running GMA Cup in Manila. He has just strung together a hat trick of wins over grandmasters Antonio, Villamayor and now, in yesterday's 8th round, Vladimir Belov of Russia.

Below are some games results from yesterday's round 8. At the moment, we're providing these updates faster than the official site. In our effort to do this there are times, sadly, when some detail is missed. Therefore these results are still subject to some corrections.

Onischuk-Mikhalevsky, draw
Zhang Pengxiang-Akobian, 1-0
Ni Hua-Zhang Zhong, draw
Belov-Nouri, 0-1
Barbosa-Dableo, 0-1
Wang-Severino, 1-0
Paragua-Ranola, draw
Vakhidov-Gonzales, draw
Garma-Dimakiling, 1-0
Laylo-So, draw
Nolte-Zhou Weiqi, 0-1
Torre-Sadorra, 0-1

6.5-Zhang Pengxiang
6-Mikhalevski, Onischuk, Zhang Zhong, Dableo,
5.5-Akobian, Ni Hua,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing to realize how much talents there are in the Philippines.

But, they've got long ways to go to be able to compete against China and India.

It is gratifying though to see the financial support coming from all sectors.

A far cry from the dehumanizing treatment of Filipino talents during the 50 years reign of Campomanes, who monopolized and controlled their chess fate, while enriching himself first.