Friday, November 17, 2006

GMA Update: First Round Results

Some quick news from the GMA event. We are indebted to journo Ignacio "Iggy" Dee.

Pacis-Onischuk, 0-1
Zhang Pengxiang-Estimo, 1-0
Rustum Tolentino-Ni Hua, 1/2-1/2
Zhang Zhong-Yutuc 1-0
Perena-Akobian, 0-1
Belov-Wang Li, 1-0
D. Ramos-Paragua, 0-1
Mikhalevsky-Lomibao, 1-0
Paez-Torre, 0-1
Antonio-Beverly Mendoza, 1-0

A portion from the pool report:

The biggest casualty was IM Barlo Nadera, who fell in an upset to unheralded Ramon Manon-og Jr. in 42 moves of the Slav. No. 13 seed IM Wang Rui of China also won his match against Edmudno Legaspi.

Other early winners were IMs Chito Garma, who subdued Boris Diez; Nm Rolando Nolte, who dumped Christian Flores; NM John Paul Goemz, who nipped Jenny Mayor; FM Mirabeau Maga, who stopped Merben Roque; FM Fernie Donguiens, who trounced Kamil Rzoska of Poland; Anam Khairul, who overwhelmed Qurino Sagario; Anthony Makinano, who ourtplayed Victoria Chan of Singapore.

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