Friday, November 24, 2006

The Journalist Chess Foundation

A couple of columns ago, former RP Olympiad captain and writer Bobby Ang mentioned a group called the "Journalist Chess Foundation". Parents and chess fans are advised to watch out. This is what Mr Ang had to say:

Important Notice: There are some chess reporters (no, they do not qualify as journalists) who are going around soliciting funds for a “Journalist Chess Foundation” from chess enthusiasts and parents. Oftentimes they have used my name as one of its founders.

I want to be absolutely clear here:

1. To my knowledge there is NO such thing as a Journalist Chess Foundation;
2. Even if there were, I have never been and do not intend to ever be connected with it. Indeed, if the people going around to ask for money are any indication of the caliber of its members, then no good will ever come of it;
3. I have not asked anyone to solicit funds for any foundation; and
4. If someone should approach you with such a request please take steps to make sure that he is beaten up within an inch of death.

Our Australian, indeed all non-Pinoy, readers are advised to just ignore Bobby's point 4 above. That's just the way we talk in RP. Lots of machismo. Every guy likes to talk and act like Lito Lapid or worse, ERAP. In truth, Pinoys are very nice people. Just trust me on that.

Read more from Bobby's 10 November column. We are wondering, though, if Bobby would be kind enough to name names.

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Anonymous said...

Shades of Campo's modus operandi! Must be one of his trainees soliciting funds for his dwindling retirement pot.

I do not blame Bobby Ang's reaction reaction at all.