Thursday, November 16, 2006

GMA Chess Challenge

Players are expected to begin arriving today for tomorrow's opening round of the 1st President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Cup Chess Challenge event in Manila. This is a 9-round tournament lasting until 23 November.

The list of foreign players who have registered is quite impressive: Zhang Zhong, Ni Hua, Zhang Pengxiang, Utut Adianto, Edhi Handoko, Alexander Onishuk and Varuzhan Akobian. "Wow" is about all we can say! We understand that Michal Krasenkov may be a possible entry but that is awaiting confirmation.

Hopefully, the NCFP will provide daily updates to the GMA via their new website. Failing that, we'll have to rely on some of our friends there in RP to relay some info to our Pinoy readers here in Oz and elsewhere. This looks set to be a big tournament and we're very excited. Good luck to our local masters!


Anonymous said...

It is the SOS for NCFP with the tournament starting tomorrow their "latest news" is months old.

NCFP Latest News:
John Paul Gomez Shares 27th Place in World Junior Chess
III Calvia Chess Festival (Calvia, Spain)
GM Rogelio "Joey" Antonio Jr. Tops Batangas Rapid Open Chess
BSU Tops Region 3 SUC's Chess Tilt
IM Ronald Dableo Tops CARAGA Open Chess
Gomez, Dimakiling Wins in 8th Round Nears GM Norm

Anonymous said...

Please, post a complete list of participant of this tournament.



Anonymous said...

I understand that Campo is involved in holding this tournament??

Figures. I hope GMA will find out what kind of people she is dealing with, before she gets turn off?

And $1,000 First prize money for a major international tournament??