Saturday, November 18, 2006

So Upsets Paragua

This was always bound to happen. Thirteen-year old IM Wesley So defeated RP's number one, Mark Paragua, in round 2 of the GMA Cup. We are constantly receiving pool reports from Iggy Dee and for this we are deeply grateful.

Onishuk-Gonzales, 1-0
Mariano-Zhang Pengxiang, 0-1
Paragua-So, 0-1
Garma-Zhang Zhong, 0-1
Akobian-Ranola, 1-0
Barbosa-Belov, 0-1
Nolte-Mikhailevsky, 0-1
Torre-Donguines, 1-0
Sadorra-Joey, 0-1
Villamayor-Villanueva, 1-0
Ni Hua-Nava, 1-0

Here's a segment from the round 2 press release.

Onischuk, a mainstay of the United States team which finished third in the last World Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy, crushed GM-candidate Jayson Gonzalez after only 23 moves of the Nimzovitch, while Pengxiang whipped GM Nelson Mariano II in only 29 moves of the Sicilian.

Also hurdling their second-round assignments were No. 4 GM Zhang Zhong of China, who subdued IM Chito Garma in 60 moves of the Scotch; No. 5 GM Varuzhan Akobian of the United States, who downed IM Yves Ranola; No. 6 Gm Vladimir Belov of Russia, who trounced NM Oliver Barbosa in in 48 moves of the Caro Kann; and GM Viktor Mikhalevski of Israel, who outclassed Nm Rolando Nolte.

Except for Paragua and Mariano II, the country’s three other GMs also won their matches against their lower-rated opponents.

GM Eugene Torre outplayed FM Fernie Donguines, GM Rogelio Antonio Jr. dumped FM Julio Sadorra, and GM Buenaventura “Bong” Villamayor overwhelmed Nelson Villanueva Jr. NM Emmanuel Senador outwitted IM Oliver Dimakiling and IM Ronald Dableo humbled Richard de la Cruz to join the elite group of two-pointers.

Third seed GM Ni Hua of China, who barely escaped with a draw against little-known Rustum Tolentino of Cagayan de Oro City in the first round late Friday, bounced back in contention by beating FM Roderick Nava.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. That Wesley is going places very, very fast.

Did the round report really not mention Wesley's remarkable victory??

The Closet Grandmaster said...

It did. But since I already mentioned it in my opening remark, I only quoted the other parts of the pool report.