Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Chess Art

The Chess Association of Western Australia website currently features some chess art by artist Kelvin Rabey. I wish the CAWA guys would provide a little more information about the artist. A short bio would have helped.

Check out Kelvin Rabey's work here.

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Anonymous said...

A little info re Kelvin Rabey. In the early 90's he was involved in the small club at Mandurah (well South of Perth). Kelvin since joined the Metro club (clearly WA's biggest club) for a number of years until 1999. He has played 89 rated games (ACF 1489). Having several young children and a variety of jobs meant that Kelvin has not been playing since then until 2006. This year he has started playing again and is competing in the Metro Respini tournament. I know that Kelvin has donated two or three pictures to CAWA - I believe the bottom picture shown on the website is one of them.