Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Evelyn Koshnitsky Visits SIO

The grand woman of Australian chess is today the special guest at the Sydney International Open. Still looking quite healthy, Mrs Koshnitsky was very interested in the top games and paid special attention to those involving Aussie female players.

Evelyn observing Moylan - Chow

Live broadcast of games is still unavailable but the guys are doing everything they can to correct this. It seems that some special hardward was missing from the whole set up. They've also purchased a special router for wireless connectivity to make net connection within the venue a little better. Cross fingers that all will be fine soon. Lectures by IM Leonid Sandler has also commenced. For those interested and who wish to drop by, this is upstairs in a large room with big projector screen. The set up there is quite impressive and it's definitely worth a look.

I have now added more pictures from day 2. Note that these new images are from round 3 as I was working from home this morning. Apologies for that.


Anonymous said...

Has Arianne withdrawn from the tournament?

I cant see her in the 2nd round draw.

I also thought it was unusual that someone of Laura Moylans strength would have been given a half point bye in the 2nd round.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Arianne is still there. She's just behind Evelyn in the photo above. The pic was taken just after the start of round 3.


Anonymous said...

I finally saw here in the second round draw,lol.

Still doesnt explain why Moylan who was on one point gets a half point bye in the second round.

I would be very surprised if swiss perfect would give her that pairing.

Is Brian Jones giving people half point byes AFTER the first round because people are asking for them?

Anonymous said...

Laura entered the tournament and had originally requested in rounds 2 and 3 two half point byes due to work commitments. However she in the end re arranged her schedule so she only had to miss round 2.