Thursday, April 12, 2007

NCFP Slams Door on Players

Based alone on prize money and player list, there is an even more impressive open event currently happening in the Philippines - the 2007 Philippine Chess Challenge. However, unlike the Australian organisers, our Pinoy hosts are, well, seemingly next to completely useless. Where is the website? There are some folks over at the NCFP's own bulletin board that are getting frustrated.

If the NCFP can afford a US$40K prize fund, surely they can spare a few dollars to pay some local IT dude to maintain a cheap website. What is happening here is totally unacceptable! With players like Akobian, Wang Hao and Ni Hua plus our illustrious locals, this tournament could have generated a lot of worldwide interest via the net.

The only news we have so far is hardly a positive one. Pinoy journo Ignacio Dee sent me a copy of the pooled report which you can read here.


Anonymous said...

"Casto Abundo is the chief arbiter" - at least he, as FIDE webmaster, should know the importance of internet presentation

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding?

We are talking about Abundo here.

They cant even handle the FIDE website properly. lol.

Anonymous said...

It’s sad to note that you cannot get any information about 2007 PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL OPEN at SUBIC. Is this really a $40,000 tournament? Why don't we get any information on the results and news for this prestigious chess event... Anyway, whatever the reasons please give justice to your claim that this is indeed a PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL OPEN, we Filipino chess enthusiasts here and abroad should know what’s happening... what's the use of your site,, if it cannot generate substantial information.

For instance, we have heard reports that the NCFP-suspended were not allowed to participate even though they have presented a copy of a temporary restraining order (TRO) issued by Judge Amor Reyes of the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 21 to NCFP director Atty. Edmundo Legaspi... Is this true or not? How can we know? It matters to us to know since two of the guys that were suspended have 2 GM norms – both need only one more GM norm and to breach the 2500 ELO in order to join the elite. Of course, I am talking of IM Laylo, two-time National Champion and Chess Olympiad member and IM Dableo, former Asian Zonal champion. Hey, is this how NCFP rewards its national champions... Now, how can we continue to DREAM of producing more GMs, when those who have the most likely chance are not allowed competing in his own country…

"Pangarap namin malaman ang results at balita. Matutupad kaya Ito o hanggang pangarap na lang". Calling NCFP President...are you to your senatorial TV ads or another bogus promise.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some of the stronger filipino players are better off playing OUTSIDE the Phillipines due to internal politics.