Friday, April 13, 2007

GM Quinteros Drops In

Grandmaster Miguel Quinteros dropped in today to play a simul. Well, not really. Local player Francisco Plaza, of Chilean parentage, played a simul outside of the Town Hall venue and it seems that he was mistaken as the Argentinian GM! Can you believe that?

The round 7 games just began about 20 minutes ago and I've added some more photos to my SIO set.

Preparation is a very common practice these days. Even sub-2000 players do it. But for grandmasters, it's an absolute must. Here's a photo of GMs Johansen and Antic preparing together.

Last night I learned of a sub-2200 player who actually hired a second! He was initially listed as one of the participants but then pulled out at the last minute. It's my understanding that this player will now participate in the Temptation game show and will fly down to Melbourne for a taping.

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Anonymous said...

Quinteros is only about 1000 points higher rated than Plaza!