Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is the ACF Backing Down?

As you can see, we’re now back online, but I’m tired and still jetlagged. My body clock seems to be still completely out of whack – waking up at 3AM and never managing to fall back sound asleep. I can barely bring myself to post something. Still we must endure, I suppose.

Waiting in my mail box last Sunday was, sure enough, the latest NSWCA newsletter. Exactly as our anonymous correspondent informed us – that latest issue was completely rubbish, full of old stories, embarrassing layout and utterly a waste of paper. When are these guys going to learn that most of their members have internet access these days? Stop wasting paper and simply publish everything online. Oh, but blimey, the website is equally laughable!

That’s our quick little swipe for the day. Someone who just can’t seem to control himself is our old mate Matthew Sweeney. Problem is this guy runs the risk of not being able to do anything else but taking pot shots at the chess politicos in this country. He’s even got a new blog for this purpose. Only Caissa knows how long this latest venture will last.

In Mr Sweeney’s second entry, he reports of a special little meeting that took place at the Sydney International Open.

“Several head honchos sat in a room and decided that a proposal by the Australian stalwart Peter Parr might have legs.”

If true, this is just extraordinary! After weeks of stonewalling it now appears that the ACF (and I guess the NSWCA) have at last taken a sniff of reality and finally knocked themselves silly in their collective heads. Well, we can at least hope and pray that this is the case.

Guys, guys – pick up the bloody phone, send an email, be pro-active and work with Mr Parr. How hard is that?


Anonymous said...

The ACF Stonewall? No!
Best to ignore the ACF lot. Hot air, egos and petty favourites.

The chess nut said...

The meeting took place, I was there, hence my blog entry!

Anonymous said...

Im happy for the tournament to be at the bridge centre.

If its at Hakoah/Bondi I will probably give it a miss.

Bondi beach has such crappy public transport.

Anonymous said...

peter parr is one of the only respectable figures of chess in sydney

Anonymous said...

Peter Parr is not the only respectable figure of chess in Sydney! What about Bill Gletsos?
How can Peter Parr compare with a person who has Obewankenobe from "Star Wars" as their Avatar on 'chesschat'? Huh? Well? Huh? How can you combat the sheer {{{{{POWER}}}}} of the force?
You will be forced to kiss 'Jabba the Hut' for your views on Peter Parr!
Bill's light sabre will get YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Bill's lightsabre called Glicko? lol

Anonymous said...

While the idea of a NSWCA Newsletter is good, the way it has been done by the NSWCA is a shocker. The latest issue is just mindless rehashing of results from comps that finished long ago. Not even those [mostly elderly] few chess players who do not have internet access would be interested in the present NSWCA Newsletter as those who are interested in results would have got all that info long ago from Peter Parr's excellent weekly Monday SMH chess column. Like TCG suggested in an article he posted about a month ago, the NSWCA should look at CAWA to see how a Newsletter should be done.

Why doesn't the NSWCA Newsletter have issues/items of interest to chess players [e.g. chess puzzles/problems to solve, profiles on NSW chess personalities]? Like TCG said in his blog article of a few weeks ago, the NSWCA needs to get in touch with CAWA and use their Newsletter as a standard.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that the NSWCA and ACF are at long last taking Parr's proposal seriously. Unfortunately it is probably too little and too late. When I spoke to Parr in his shop recently, he was very annoyed at the lack of interest and feedback from NSWCA and ACF on his proposal and he understandably feels like pulling the plug on the whole idea.

Anonymous said...

There are two different newsletters now being produced in WA. Surely NSWCA can do one decent one?

Anonymous said...

The NSWCA don't need to go to WA to find out how to do a decent chess mag. They just need to talk to Peter Parr. A few years ago Parr was editor of Australian Chess Magazine which was sent free to NSWCA members 6 times a year. This mag was superb. It had everything. Aussie and international news, adverts for tournaments, chess problems to solve, articles from GMs IMs on how to improve your chess, rating lists and much more. It is sad to see its present day replacement which Closet Grandmaster and others rightly say is a joke.