Friday, April 13, 2007

Tomek Rej Defeats Solomon

Sydneysider Tomek Rej this morning defeated IM Stephen Solomon! A wonderful result for Tomek but he's not going home with $100 for that win. Igor Bjelobrk, instead, is the happy recipient of 100 bucks for today downing GM Matamoros in a big upset. Other results are:

Antic - Rogers, draw
Smerdon - Timoshenko, 0-1
Mikhalevski - Ly, 1-0
Chandler - Atzmmon-Simon, 1-0
Bjelobrk - Matamoros, 1-0
Garbett - Zhao, 0-1
Rej - Solomon, 1-0
Toth - Oliver, draw
Repplinger - Xie, 0-1

I stepped out of the venue about a couple of minutes ago and there is only one game left - Hvistendahl v Caoili. The position is better for Black, I think; she has a couple of minutes left to Hvistendahl 50+ seconds.

I might also mention that the early start of 9.30AM is definitely way too early for some players. There is one participant here who is walking around in pyjamas!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the results. Tamzin had her operation on Tuesday, so I am at home with her instead of being in Parramatta watching all the excitement. :)

Although the website is being updated really fast, it is great to get the previews.


Anonymous said...

Pyjamas is the preferred attire in a prominant Melbourne club with a LOT of history (exactly what kind of history we won't say)
isn't it err 442?