Friday, April 27, 2007

USB Online Chess

I don't know if there are some out there who hate playing with a mouse. Maybe you rather have the closest approximation to a face-to-face game by using a board that's somehow connected to your computer. Well now there is a solution.

USB Chess! More from Sci Fi Tech. But perhaps it is not so ideal for bullet games, which is what I mostly play online these days.


Ted Teodoro said...

Of course, this is not a bad idea for long time controls. However, for speed chess, it is. I might not be alone in realizing that too much 2D chess affects my perception in 3D chess. The pattern recognition isnt the same, and it takes me many games of actual chess to make a good adjustment from the 2D to the 3D. Yes, there is 3D chess onscreen but I am making a comparison to being in front of an actual chessboard and pieces, like the product showcased here. I guess this is the phenomenon that this product is addressing.

Ryan said...

Nice idea, but it looks a bit small and flimsy to me. Has anyone actually used one?

Anonymous said...

Bullet chess is good for one thing...developing RSI. lol.